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About GeGi’s Originals

Hello thanks for stopping in.

My Name is Andrea Galetzka , GeGi is my Nickname given to me many Years ago when I moved to the US and it stands for German Girl.

With that said many of my recipes that I am using for my Candles and Soaps are from my Grandmother and have been in my family for generations. I make small batches to assure quality but if you like an item for a larger group as wedding decorations , shower gifts etc. I be happy to accommodate you.

I am a big Advocate for the Environment and a sustainable lifestyle. Growing up during the cold war in a city that was surrounded by a Wall it was a necessity to be sustainable, today it still is, just for other reasons.

My business is build around Eco friendly sustainability and therefor my products are often very unique and one of a kind. I reuse containers often found at garage Sales or second hand market places and my packaging is recycled . So please be prepared that the item or packaging may look a little different than expected but the Quality never changes!!!

My high quality ingredients for Candles and Soaps are 100% natural and I make sure that the Company where I get my raw basics from are fare trade.

I have been making quality products and worked with recycled products for over 30 Years always having Mother Earth and the Environment in Mind. This online shop was build around my own Creations but if you like to learn more or are looking for Idea’s on how to live a environmentally friendly and sustainable life you can check out my blog @



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